Growing number of engineering tasks in different fields (industrial design, architecture, construction and asset management) require the knowledge of interrelated CAD and GIS tools, task-specific soft. When used together effectevly, computer-aided design (CAD) and geospatial information systems (GIS) have a solid track  record for streamling  decision making and reducing inefficiencies in the design, planning, and execution of critical operations and projects. 
A multidisciplinary resource delineating existing and emerging solutions for CAD/GIS integration issues, CAD and GIS integration provides a clear understanding of the state of the art in this area of growing impotance. It brings together in-debth descriptions of existing and emerging techniques, methodologies, and technologies to examine approaches that enables data and operations interoperability between CAD/GIS. 
Numerous example applications of effective CAD/GIS integration provide the understanding needed to improve designs, make better decisions, and reduce or even oerrors in you future projects.
CADObject - our solution that allows integrate CAD data and bild analytics and web-services. 
  1. recognize the different objects in CAD draw
  2. verification of these objects
  3. transfer the objects into spatial data with preservation original design identic the CAD source
  4. preservation of the history of objects' changes
  5. preservation of the original drawings in the file storage
  6. reverse unloading objects to CAD format
Solution's Benefits
  1. Creation and managing project documentation exact the customer's requirements;
  2. Decreasing the operational costs thanks to real time updating of documentation;
  3. Maintainance the history of the object lifecycle with instant access to the needed information in real time;
  4. Integration with existing enterprises' systems.