Project Role
Are you striving for new career opportunities and would like to work in a company that has an extensive business portfolio and an excellent production process? If you have a strong background in software development services, and are ready to take on new challenges then please feel free to apply!


Project Description
The project has been built by consumers who have a wealth of experience in dealing with service companies. The system gives you the ability to complain about a particular service or company and have that complaint be quickly resolved in a simple, smart and convenient way. Unlike traditional complaint procedures, our system not only guides, but supports you throughout the complex and tedious complaint process. It makes a predictive analysis about the complaint and provides the company with recommendations for the next steps which should be taken in order to resolve the complaint. In addition, it helps a company keep track of their complaints and enables them to store all relevant information securely in one place.


Job Requirements
Ruby on Rails
Capistrano / AWS
RSpec / Capybara
Git / GitHub
MySQL / MongoDB / Redis
Kick start a brand new Rails application
Make design and architectural decisions
Develop quality code adhering to the best practices
Cover the code with specs
Maintenance of infrastructure
Interesting Technologies which are used on the project
IBM Watson / Google Cloud Natural Language / Amazon Machine Learning / Microsoft Cognitive Services
Project Interesting Points
Startup Culture - NLP (Natural Language Processing) + Cognitive Services
Professional Team of Senior Developers
Different Persistent Storages (MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Neo4J)
DevOps Culture
Real Production
Requirements Analysis